Some Frequently Asked Questions:

YES! Your building’s management has partnered with us to bring this storage amenity to your building. To see where the storage room is located in your specific building go to the Reserve a Unit page on our site. In the Find Your Building section type in your building’s address. Once there you will be able to see exactly where the storage room is located.

Sure- give us a call at 732-719-9798 or email us….. and let us know that you want to go see the available units. We will give you a one time code which you can use to access the storage room and view the available units. When you see the one you want, simply take down the unit number and let us know that is the one you want.

No. All our storage unit rentals are month-to-month. All you need to do is let us know 30 days in advance of a move out.

It’s a super simple signup process! All you need to do is find your building  and choose the unit you would like to rent. Once you have signed up and electronically signed the storage agreement, all the necessary information and door codes will be emailed to you. No keys are necessary as there are individual door codes.

YES. You definitely need to lock your individual unit. Although the storage room has its own lock, every unit must be locked by the unit’s occupant. Any typical padlock should work and can be purchased at any hardware store or online.

If you see another padlock on your unit, your unit has been “overlocked” due to an outstanding balance. Please call us immediately or go to make a payment to pay your outstanding balance. When your balance has been paid you will receive an overlock code to open your unit.